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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy statement explains how personal information collected about you, when you access the Warren Engineering website, is managed.

Personal Information

To provide our Customers with products and services Warren Engineering collect and process personal information. “Personal Information” means data such as name, address, payment details, telephone number and email address. The Personal Information can be collected when you use the website or complete and send the online contact form. In addition, please refer to Cookies below in respect of analytical data and any third party service provider (i.e google).

Use and storage of Personal Information

The Personal Information collected will only be used by Warren Engineering and any service providers (i.e webhost). Your Personal Information will be used to provide you with product and/or service information, communicate with you, improve the Warren Engineering experience you have and for other internal business purposes such as maintaining records, storage, retrieval, consultation, adaptation or alteration, use and destruction of Personal Information. Personal Information will only be disclosed by Warren Engineering if required to or permitted by Law.

Personal Information will be held for so long as is necessary to ensure Warren Engineering comply with all applicable financial regulations and laws. Warren Engineering will ensure that Personal Information collected is held securely and in accordance with Data Protection Regulations and Laws.


Cookies are small text files, generally filled with letters and numbers, which the majority of web sites store on your computer or handheld device. These cookies are harmless and cannot cause damage to your computer. Cookies are regularly used to ensure that websites function correctly. Cookies are generally beneficial, making your interaction with websites smoother and easier.

Some cookies may also be set by third parties (i.e. google) for analysis of the website user and to help us improve the services and products we provide to you. The analytical data collects information such as; Internet Protocol ("IP") address of your computer or device, demographics, location, computer/device type, hardware type, media access control ("MAC") address, international mobile equipment identity ("IMEI"), and mobile operating system. None of these cookies collect personal information that would allow anyone to identify individual users of this site.

By using our site you give consent to store cookies on your computer. If you do not wish to consent then you must either disable cookies in your browser/handheld device or refrain from using this site.